Help Stop Child Abuse

H3Patreon BannerI’m looking for 3 or 4 designers to join the Hope 3AM team.   Hope 3AM is a collective of artists, writers, and activists working to stop child abuse and domestic violence.

Our mission is to facilitate healing for survivors of child abuse and domestic violence by maintaining a space for survivor narratives and creating educational resources for those engaged in the work of healing.

We serve survivors by holding space for them to tell their stories, be heard, and believed. We also provide a variety of materials on health and wellness, maintaining relationships, budgeting, and other topics that survivors may find useful to fill in gaps as they move along their healing journey.

Hope3AM is funded by donations and the proceeds from our Patreon Campaign.  Designers are working to create new merchandise and product lines to support the project.  We need your help to make the project a reality.  You can support Hope 3AM at our Patreon or GoFundMe pages.

I’m looking for folks who can contribute designs to our Zazzle shop.  You can comment here or use the contact form for details!

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