[Art Share] Cover Process

Book Cover wip sm.jpg

This is the book cover WIP I shared a couple of weeks ago.  Today I’m going to deconstruct the process of making it, so the post is partly a tutorial and partly an artist’s record and resource list.

Base Image:


Tea stained paper stock provided by leptailurus-serval on Deviantart.  I converted to grayscale so the image wouldn’t pick up the tea color.  I almost always used stained paper as the base in my abstract art.  I love the texture of old paper and the random structures created by the stains.

Composite Overlay:


First image was Created from 2 piece of my own prefab stock plus more paper stock from Zeppelin Graphics and Feather & Sage

I love having a lot of fine details in my abstract pieces too.  This effect was mostly trial and error through playing with blend modes and contrast adjustments.

Second image is the result.



Mouse-made by me.  This is just a round brush on different sizes, with a scatter effect.  A couple of different layers and some blurring.  The twirl effect is my favorite thing.





My gradients plus these amazing brushes from Colorburned.  Note: the brush links on Colorburned seem to be down.  I’m not sure if the site is still active, but I’ll be sad if it’s gone.  It’s been a go-to of mine since 09 or so.


Book Cover wip sm

Interested in this cover? Email rosebfischer1 (at) gmail (dot) com for details.  Ask about the Orb cover.  Price will be $50 for ebook only and $140 for ebook and print.

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