Is This Feminist? Romance Comics

Hannah Reads Books

19396618_1381357761955057_2454875701320859179_n “Spinster! I used to date too, laughing and loving like other girls! But now I walk alone, my yearning arms embracing only groceries.”

It’s a bit of a stretch to judge a whole genre on whether or not it’s feminist, I know, BUT since romance is a women’s genre it’s relevant. And really, instead of the whole genre, I’m just comparing two collections: Marvel Romance, which collects some highlights from Marvel romance comics of the sixties and seventies, and Fresh Romance Vol. 1, a modern anthology series from Oni Press.

Back in the day, like the fifties and sixties day, romance comics were at least as popular as superheroes and horror, and they were given the same level of attention. The art was gorgeous, and people like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby wrote for these series as well as the famous superhero ones. Unfortunately, somewhere along the…

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