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You desperately want to make an impact in the world around you.  You have a story to tell, and a creative drive that can’t be contained or boxed in to one passion.  You have walked through fire, and you’re ready to help and encourage others like you.

But there is so much to learn, so much information on the internet, and so many voices already speaking, that you feel intimidated and overwhelmed before you even start.



  • How would it feel if you could focus on your passion instead of spending endless hours fighting with technology? If you could blog or write or make art without having to think about website maintenance, social media, mailing lists, opt-ins, and graphics?
  • What if someone could help you take that idea you’ve been rolling about in your mind and bring it into the world–as a book, a website, a magazine article, a product for sale? Maybe all of the above?
  • How would it feel if you had someone to guide you through all the mixed signals and confusing “advice” about starting a blog or business? Someone who understood dozens of productivity apps, social media schedulers, blogging platforms, and marketing techniques? What if she could cut through all that and help you find a way to make your business work for you?
  • What if you had a virtually endless source of blog posts ideas, content upgrades, promotions, AND gorgeous branded graphics to go with them?


I believe that your story is worth telling and that you’re going to succeed.  Right now you’re pouring so much energy into things you hate–building a website, promotion, social media, etc–that by the time you sit down to engage with your passions, you’re exhausted.  This not the life you want!  I’m here to be your guide through the chatter and confusion!

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Are you struggling to live the life you want? Have you been through hard times and feel you’re fighting an uphill battle to do the things that everyone else takes for granted?  Do you feel like you’re always juggling your big dreams with the day to day troubles and responsibilities of your life?

I have been in your shoes!


  • I was born with cerebral palsy,
  • lived through physical, emotional, and sexual abuse from childhood until I was 19,
  • and then I married a man who refused to let me out of his sight for more than 15 minutes!
  • When I left, I became homeless.


Then, after six months, I got into a transitional housing program and was accepted to college.


I was totally unprepared.  I struggled through college with no idea how to set goals, manage my time, or find the supports I needed.


Through years of trial and error, I developed a personalized goal achievement strategy that not only covers planning how you’ll achieve your intention but also helps you find ways to overcome resistance, deal with setbacks, reorganize a goal without losing momentum, and gives you the tools to conquer procrastination, fear of failure, and overwhelm.


Now I’ve written and published multiple books, developed three successful websites and am building a fourth.  I’ve created a huge online library of free to use graphic art resources.


This blog is where I share tips, tricks, and tools for accomplishing your goals and living the life you want.  If you’d like accountability and personalized support, you can join my Facebook group, Live the Life You Want.






I run a monthly challenge on my Facebook group, Live the Life You Want. Join today and push yourself to the next level in your business.

Join today to meet creative entrepreneurs who are excited to help you meet your goals.


This is my story:

I’m 40 years old.  I was born 2 1/2 months premature, almost died, and had to be airlifted across Long Island to a hospital with a NICU.  As a result, I have cerebral palsy.


I’m an adult child of alcoholics and addicts.  I was physically, verbally, and emotionally abused beginning at age 5, sexually abused by 3 different individuals beginning at age 8, and later assaulted by my husband.

I left him and became homeless.  Lived in a shelter for six months.  When I got out of there, I put myself almost all the way through college then got sick and had to quit.

While I recovered, I spent 6 years teaching myself to build websites, how to blog, how to develop and maintain a presence online.   I learned photoshop and hundred of other software apps.  Eventually, I started a career as a graphic designer but hurt my arms and had to quit.

These setbacks have given me a passion for helping other creatives achieve their dreams.  I live with chronic muscle pain, chronic migraines, cluster headaches, depression, panic attacks, and PTSD.  I know what it means to feel like everything you try just blows up in your face.  And I know how to help you move forward.

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