Let’s Write a Novel #2 — Who Am I and Why Am I Doing This?

Image2I’m writing a new novel and blogging through the whole process so you can learn along with me.

For anybody who just wants to dive right in, you can head over to the Google drive folder and check out some of the planning documents and notes that I’ve uploaded.

Last week’s post explained how the project was going to work and how you can get the most out of it.

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Let’s Write A Novel: Week 1


Hi, I’m Rose B Fischer. I’m the resident Evil Genius at Evil Genius Creative Solutions, and the author of the science fantasy serial The Foxes of Synn. I’m writing a new novel, and blogging through the whole process so you can learn along with me.


This is the first post in the Let’s Write a Novel Series, so I want to talk a bit about how this is going to work and what you can expect from week to week.


Every week here on the blog, I’ll be posting an excerpt from my draft or a part of my planning process, along with some practical writing tips and insights that I’ve gained from writing that particular part of the story that I’m sharing with you.



  • You can follow along with my drafting and planning process here on the blog or by checking out the Google docs folder where everything will be stored.
  • From time to time, I’ll also have some video or audio content with a more casual vibe.
  • You can drop by my blog whenever you like, pick up the series as you have time, and skip weeks if you don’t feel like paying attention.
  • This isn’t a class or workshop, so there are no rules as far as what order you need to read things in or how closely you need to follow along.

  • As time goes by, I’ll have a list of articles and the relevant draft excerpts posted according to topic and a step-by-step listing of how the process worked, so you can choose which parts interest you or you can look at the step-by-step examples.


Posts will go live on Thursdays starting in September 2017.

Supplementary materials will be added to the Google drive folder as I have them, and updates on that will go out in the Facebook group.


And, lastly, if you feel that Let’s Write a Novel has helped or inspired you, I’ve got a virtual tip jar where you can add a bit to help pay for hosting and other costs related to upkeep of the website.

Art Chat 6

Art Chats are a series of videos demonstrating my intuitive art process. We talk about life and make random pop culture references every time my computer freezes.

Resources used in this video were from:

Peggy Entoft (Not Patricia Entoft) http://www.pjentoft.com/pjs-psp8-gradients.html

Nanson’s Place (offline now, but crediting anyway.)

All other resources shown were pre-created by me.

Check out My CreativeMarket shop and my Zazzle store to see more cool art: