I’m reorganizing some things in March.  I’ve had some unexpected developments in my personal life.  I’ll have the Texture Tuesday/Wordless Wednesday posts this month but no blog trains or essays.  Newsletter will also be delayed.

Let’s Write A Novel #7 How To Deal With A Writing Setback

I’m writing a new novel and blogging through the process so that you can learn along with me.

For those who want to dive right in, if you’re on the email list, you can head over to the google folder and check out the latest updates to the draft.

If you missed the most recent blog post about dealing with unsupportive loved ones, you can check it out here.

 Earlier posts in the series are all gathered here.

There is no weekly update this week because I’ve started hitting a snag in the storyline, and I’m kind of bored with how it’s going. Even though I’m not posting these updates in chronological order, I do have a rough chronology in my head of how it plays out, and I feel like the characters are making emotional growth leaps without my input or without the input of the plot to help them along. That’s great for them, but it makes the story feel inauthentic to me, so I’ve taken a step back to figure out what they really need to learn and to do next.

While I’m doing that, I thought it would make a post about coping with setbacks, because I’m pretty much an expert on that subject.

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Designers, Scrappers, and Photographers


Designers and Scrappers

If you’re a designer, artist, photographer or scrapper and you’re here for my free digital resources, you can find what you want below:

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Fiction Writers


Fiction Writers  

If you’re a fiction writer here for advice and tips on writing, then you’ll want to start with my Let’s Write A Novel series, which runs every other Wednesday in 2018.

Later In 2018, I’ll be adding
Advice For New Writers-a goldmine of help for folks just starting out in their writing

Marketing Advice for Authors is a new weekend feature where I share everything I’ve learned in 4+ years as an independent author.

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Let’s Write A Novel #6: Dealing With Unsupportive Loved Ones

I’m writing a new novel and blogging through the process so that you can learn along with me.


Due to some unforseen circumstances, I’ve decided to limit access to the planning materials in the Google Folder after this week.  You can still head over there to check out the updates today, but in the future, if you want access to my planning and drafting materials, you’ll need to sign up for my email list.

If you missed the last post about using cheat sheets to quickly access and organize your notes, you can check it out here.


 Earlier posts in the series are all gathered here.


This week I want to talk about coping with unsupportive loved ones. I see questions about this come up a lot in writer’s groups, especially from new writers who are struggling to balance commitment to their loved ones with the desire to write.

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