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I’ve moved my premade book covers to a shop all of their own.  I’ll still be sharing WIP covers and showing off new ones here on the blog, but I wanted to make it easier for authors to buy and simpler for me to organize.  So from now on, if you’re looking for my covers, head over here:

Cover Devil: Unconventional Premade Covers for Indie Authors

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2016 Writing Review

Most folks were doing “year in review” posts a couple of weeks ago, but my blog was on my hiatus, so I decided to make up for it by posting some “year end” stuff early in January.

Last week’s post was more general, an overview of 2016’s suckage and triumphs.

Today’s is a look at my writing projects and what I set out to do versus what ended up happening.

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#WeekendCoffeeshare: There’s a Dragon In My Head

If we were having coffee, I would meet you out somewhere because my cupboards are bare. This is the fourth week in a row that my homecare provider has no-showed. I’ve been on the phone with the agency that provides the service but they aren’t much help and don’t seem to grasp that I’m genuinely dependent on the workers for basic housekeeping, food, and errands.

So, I’d be glad to see you and enjoy a few minutes of normalcy while we shared our coffee. I would tell you about this story idea that showed up, fully formed, in my head recently.

It’s kind of a gender-reversal of the “princess in a tower/dragon keeping the maiden prisoner” trope and has elements of Beauty and the Beast but is also this complicated thing about the question of “which one is really evil?”

There’s this dragon who lives in a decrepit castle by the ocean and I guess she’d been kept prisoner there, but she escapes and goes to get revenge by taking over the neighboring kingdom and locking the two princes in a tower.

One of the princes starts out looking like the upstanding hero while the other one appears to be a jealous jerk or something. But then it turns out that the “nice” one was actually an asshole and had been bullying the younger one for years, so the younger one ends up betraying him and marrying the dragon. I woke up like “….Oh, that’s kind of cool….”

After some poking around with it, It turns out that the princes’ parents were assholes (Why does that keep happening?) and decided it would be a smart idea to keep all the magic creatures to designated areas of the kingdom. So the foxes are mostly forest foxes but they have a few people working in the city and they have this whole operation going where they sneak in and out of the designated fox villages and sabotage the public works and/or steal stuff. (There’s also apparently a small-animal resistance led by the rabbits, so the whole thing appears to be “unlikely animal alliances paired with subverted fantasy tropes.”)

Once your eyes had glazed over from listening to me talk about my story idea for ages, I’d ask how you were doing. And then I’d be confused by references to real life.

Sorry about that. My fictional worlds are the sane ones right now, so I’m living in them as much as possible. Hope you’re all having a great week.

#WeekendCoffeeshare is hosted by Diana over at Part Time Monster. Head there to link up and have another coffee.

Aeon Timeline Software Review


Aeon Timeline is a flexible timeline creation tool meant for writers and other creative thinkers.  I’ve tried a lot of programs for data management and timeline creation over the last 10 years, and Aeon is my favorite. It’s the first tool for writers that I’ve ever found with enough options and flexibility to suit my needs without being overwhelming.  This is a repost of my earlier review.  It will be here temporarily while I reorganize the site, then will move to the writing archive.

When I plan a story, I usually think in terms of overlapping events and character development arcs, or I think in terms of plot arcs where events aren’t always linear. Sometimes my plot arcs span long periods of time, especially if I have characters who lived for hundreds of years. It’s important for me to be able to keep track of what time of year things are happening, how much time is passing, etc. The weather, local holidays, and other factors related to the passage of time will affect how my scenes play out, and if I don’t have those details in place I will get confused and not realize that my characters are wearing shorts but it should be the middle of winter in their scene. Even in stories where the weather and things like that are relevant, it’s usually important to keep track of characters’ ages in relation to one another as time passes and which people are in each scene.toolbox-306888

In the past, I’ve had to use several different tools and do a lot of tedious calculating in order to make sure my details were organized properly and made sense. With Aeon, all I need to do is toggle a few settings and zoom in or out to see what I need. The program gives users the option of creating multiple “arcs” that function as timeline tracks. If you turn on the arc view, you can see the data split up and layered in each track. If you turn it off, you can view the same data as a standard linear timeline, and in both cases, there are content-specific filters you can apply if you want to narrow your focus.

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Updates: Me, Synn, the website, and general weirdness


February and March kind of sucked. No. They didn’t “kind of suck.” They just sucked. A lot. I’m glad they’re over.

This is a stream of consciousness brain dump meets personal update meets update on my website progress. I’ll add headings and whatnot so you can skim if you’re interested, but be prepared for my patented Rose ramble style where I have no idea what is going to come out of my mouth next.

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Just a quick note to let folks know where I am and how things are going:


This has been a hard month!  There were a slew of family problems, a 12 day migraine episode, and panic attacks. But I’m still kicking ass.


The website redesign is going well.  It looks and feels more like the site I’ve been wanting.  I was pretty terrified about doing it because I haven’t designed a website since college.  I’ve got some more work to do, so the official relaunch will be in June.


I’m deep in the middle of work on the Synn stories and need to thank Hannah for her help with that.  I made the right decision by not publishing this year.  It’s going well now but was tough for a while.


My foray into #MagicInNorthAmerica was extremely stressful.  There were a lot of unapproved comments from mean people.  I felt it was important to engage the controversy, but I’m flat tired of feeling like I’m screaming into a

storm about social justice.  No more for a while.  (I keep saying that and then shit happens to piss me off…)  Thanks go to The Mad Grad Student for the help on those threads.


I’m scheming a space opera with a teen protagonist, a short story, and a new non-fiction book.  I don’t know if I can safely classify the teen story as “YA;” it’s pretty explicit and I don’t plan to pare it down for sales.  Details to follow.


Tell Your Story: Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

I’m looking for personal posts about experiences with domestic violence, partner abuse, and covert abuse by a partner.  They’re for my new site, Hardcore Hope, which will officially launch in June.


  • Posts will run on during the month of June 2016.
  • I need drafts by mid-May.
  • If interested, you can comment on this post or use the contact form on Hardcore Hope.
  • Drafts should be submitted to me at rosebfischer1[at] gmail [dot] com

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