Goals Coaching



Are you struggling to live the life you want? Have you been through hard times and feel you’re fighting an uphill battle to do the things that everyone else takes for granted?  Do you feel like you’re always juggling your big dreams with the day to day troubles and responsibilities of your life?

I have been in your shoes!

I was born with cerebral palsy, lived through physical, emotional, and sexual abuse from childhood until I was 19, and then I married a man who refused to let me out of his sight for more than 15 minutes!

When I left, I was totally unprepared.  I struggled through college with no idea how to set goals, manage my time, or find the supports I needed.

Eventually, I found SMART Goals, and they were a huge help, but they were only the beginning of my journey to learn how to consistently achieve the things I wanted for myself.


Through years of trial and error, I developed a personalized goal achievement strategy that not only covers planning how you’ll achieve your intention but also helps you find ways to overcome resistance, deal with setbacks, reorganize a goal without losing momentum, and gives you the tools to conquer procrastination, fear of failure, and overwhelm.


Now I’ve written and published multiple books, developed three successful websites.


My program is not a one size fits all solution! 


It’s designed to be flexible and adapt to your style and personality.


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