Journal For Your Life


You love to journal, and you know how much it helps you keep your creative juices flowing, improve your mindset, and work out problems.

But you’ve got a million things to do–clients to see, creative projects, family responsibilities–so that journal doesn’t get used as often as you’d like.

Days go by. Weeks. You feel more guilty every time you look at it. And that keeps you from picking it up, even though you know you feel better when you journal regularly.


I have good news!

You can ditch the guilt, because there’s nothing wrong with you or the way you journal  You don’t have to write every day or spend hours doing it.

They key to a successful journaling practice is consistency.

You just need a little help getting there.

Journal For Your Life is the help you’ve been looking for.

Journal For Your Life is a membership program for female creatives who want to feel

  • Energized and excited about the work they’re doing,
  • Confident that they can create the lives they want for themselves, and
  • so passionate about their journaling practice that they never struggle with guilt or lack of motivation again.

The best news of all?

Journal For Your Life is $25/month investment

You’ll get:

  • Practical, actionable tips on finding a routine that fits your life and your desires.
  • A weekly online journal “date” with a small group of women who all want to make more time for their journal practice.
  • Free Prompts and Exercises for when you’re stuck, plus tips to help you create your own
  • Weekly Check-ins for Accountability

This is for you if:

  • You’re a female creative who enjoys journaling and wants to journal more consistently.
  • You’re ready to make changes in your life so you can be happier, more fulfilled and proud of your success
  • You’re self-motivated and don’t like to be told there is only one right way to do things!!!!

You don’t have to write every day.
You don’t have to write until your hand falls asleep.
You can write junk if you want to.

Every journal entry doesn’t have to be profound.

You can doodle, write lists, cover your pages with pictures. Whatever helps you connect with the page and the person you want to be.

All you have to do to get what you want out of your journal is start, and then keep going.

Journal For Your Life is a $25 investment that will rocket launch your life.  Join today!