This year, I’ve made a commitment to journal once a week and share an excerpt or piece of art on my blog. I’m inviting friends across all my social media to join me.

How #Journalshare Works:

You make a commitment to journal once a week and share what you’ve created. We begin the week of January 2, 2017, but you can join any time throughout the year.

  • There is no sign up form.  To participate, just post a short excerpt or piece of artwork from your personal journal on your blog or social media and include the following somewhere in your post:  This post was created as part of a weekly #Journalshare hosted on the EGC blog. (
  • Come to the EGC blog on Monday mornings and share your excerpt or art journal page by posting in the weekly link-up.  My Monday post will have a blue button.  You enter the link-up by clicking on the button and pasting a link into the field you’re given.
  • You can use any journaling method or format you like. Some of the ones I use include art journalling, free writing, listing, and record keeping for my fiction.
  • If you want a group for camaraderie and support, you can join Empowered Creative Women on Facebook.
  • You can also use the #Journalshare hashtag on Twitter.
  • The goal of #Journalshare is to help you stay active in your journalling practice throughout the year by fostering new friendships and accountability within a group.
  • There’s no requirement that you read and share other participants’ work, but you’ll get more out of Journalshare if you engage with one another.




Who is #Journalshare for?

Journalshare is for any creative woman who enjoys journaling or wants an easy way to try journaling in a supportive environment.

I found this after the start date. Can I still join?

Yes. There are no restrictions on when you can join.

Do I need to participate every week?

While the goal is for you to participate weekly, there will never be pressure or hard feelings if you miss a few weeks here and there.


You need to have a way to share your posts. You can do this either by linking to a post on a blog or website or by sharing them in my Facebook Group, Empowered Creative Women.

Read more FAQs here.


Optional Prompts


Prompts for People Who Dislike Structure