Let’s Write a Novel


Hi, I’m Rose B Fischer. I’m the resident Evil Genius at Evil Genius Creative Solutions, and the author of the science fantasy serial The Foxes of Synn. I’m writing a new novel and blogging through the whole process so you can learn along with me.

How will Let’s Write A Novel Help You?

I’ve spent the last 30 years of my life writing, studying, and publishing fiction. I’ve been part of writing communities on and off-line since the early 1990s, and I’ve learned that we all share similar struggles.

  • Self-doubt
  • Second-guessing ourselves
  • Fear that our work isn’t good enough or that we don’t have enough to say

Many of us struggle with loneliness and shame, feeling like no one supports our work or that we’re wasting our time.

There are a million reasons not to write, a million obstacles in our paths, and then the shame of “not writing” becomes its own roadblock.

So, when we show up to the page, were often not fully present.


We are afraid, ashamed, confused, and don’t know how to get the incredible story in our minds onto the page in a way that feels authentic or satisfying.

We turn to how-to guides and rulebooks looking for reassurance and the confidence we so desperately crave, but in the end there’s no cookie-cutter system that’s going to guide you through all the muck and roadblocks along the way to a finished novel. Eventually, we get stuck and have no idea what to do next.

This is 100% normal and part of the creation process.


By watching me create my novel in real time, you’ll learn all the tools and methods I’ve used for finding my way in the creative wilds. Some of the things you’ll see are:


  • What to do when you feel stuck
  • How to regain clarity or deal with a murky and confusing storyline
  • How to make creative decisions that move your story in the direction you want instead of floundering when things don’t go as planned.
  • How to manage and cope with the things that pull you away from your writing and
  • How to keep going even when you’re terrified.


Let’s Write A Novel Together!


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