Live The Life You Want



Do you have a dream? A vision for your life?

I know you do.  We all do.

But maybe you’ve lost your passion.  Maybe you feel trapped by fear or your day-to-day problems.

You’re tired, frustrated, and discouraged.


 Whatever you’ve been through, you’re not alone.


  • I was born 2 1/2 months premature.  As a result, I have a neuromotor disability and use a wheelchair.
  • I grew up hungry.
  • My father was an alcoholic. He called me an “asshole,” “stupid,” and “a wimp.”
  • He physically and sexually abused me.
  • My mother refused to believe me.  She would get high and physically abuse me. She says I’m lying.
  • I got married at 19.  My husband raped me, kept me barricaded in a room, and refused to let me out of his sight.
  • When I left him, I became homeless.
  • I have depression, PTSD, and am multiple.


I can  help you.

  • I put myself through college while living in transitional housing.
  • I taught myself how to navigate social services
  • how to set goals,
  • how to find my priorities and purpose,
  • how to budget,
  • and how to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • I taught myself how to forgive, how to resolve conflicts, and how to give emotional support to others.


I can help you learn all of those things for free, with no strings attached.


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