Member Resource Treasure Trove



Thanks for signing up for RBF’s Treasure Trove, the membership hub supporters of author and artist Rose B. Fischer! (Yay, that’s me!)


  • RBF Treasure Trove holds all the worksheets, infographics, tips, and inspirational art that I’ve offered.
  • The Treasure Trove is  open to view but you will be prompted for a password in order to download content.
  • URL is:
    The password will be emailed to you in a few moments.  Don’t forget to check your spam folder!
  • I update the Treasure Trove in waves, and there will be A LOT of content.  Since I don’t want to spam you, I won’t be sending out a regular newsletter.  I’ll be sending special offers to Treasure Trove members once in a while, though!
  • If you would like regular updates on the Trove, go to the site and add your email address in the Subscribe box there.