PaperDevil Commercial Use License

As of 10/1/18

In order to use my digital resources for commercial purposes you must purchase a commercial license.*  You have two options:

  • Single item, limited commercial use license:$5 per product.  Must be repurchased for each resource you download from this shop or the PaperDevil shop. (You can use the resources on as many designs as you wish)

*CU license is included in CreativeMarket purchases; you don’t need to buy another one if you bought resources from my CM shop.

  •  All items, limited commercial use license:$60.  One time purchase, grants you limited CU license to all products that are marked CU OK on this site or the PaperDevil shop.

With Limited Cu Items You May:

  • Use the item for your personal craft and scrapbooking projects
    Use the items for your personal website
  • Use the items for your client websites, or any of the design project where one end product will be made for your client’s use (such as a logo, flyer, business cards, etc.)
  • Use the items for print on demand products where a total of 500 units or less will be produced. (For mass production/mass printing you must purchase the extended commercial license from creative market.)
    Use the items for scrap for hire/scrap for others.
  • Use the items to create freebies or remix to create your own resources IF

-Items have been significantly edited/modified.
-Items are flattened in JPG or PNG format and original Paper Devil product cannot be extracted.
-Credits and a link back are provided both on your website and in your download files.


  • Resell or redistribute these items as-is on any website.
  • Use my items in any work that promotes violence, child abuse, animal abuse, hatred, or intolerance of any minority group.


How to Give Proper Attribution/Credits


Please include the following credit text if you display work created with my resources online. Must include a link to my website or at least one of my shops:

Created with resources from Evil Genius Creative Solutions and/or PaperDevil

(Other acceptable links: