Secret Synn Page

TMR #1–1990-1991 AOI

Starts with Thad/Reynard meeting.

Ends with Thad closing the pass into Silverdale.

Timespan approx. 1 year.

Thad-Reynard plot map

TMR #2–1992-1993 AOI

[One Year gap between #1-2]

Introduces the Greyfoxes.

Mentions Micah’s in prison.

Closes with the Tin Soldiers and Skeleton Armies active to defend the pass/mountains.


TMR2 Plot Map

TMR #3–1994-1995 AOI

[One Year gap between #2-3]

Starts with Shah showing up.

Ends with Arrival At the Sanctuary town.

TMR#3 plot map


TMR #4–1995-1997 AOI

Starts with Micah meeting them at the Inn (convo scene adapted.)

Takes place entirely in sanctuary town, includes longer timespan than planned for unexpected occurrences.

Ends with Sanctuary town being attacked.


TMR #4 Plot sketchy thing


TMR #5–1997-1998 AOI

Starts in the caves outside Sanctuary town

Introduces desert.

Ends with Sun Demon attacking.

Not sure on the timespan with all the travel and desert crossing, gave it a year.


TMR 5 Plot Map

TMR #6–1998-2000 AOI

TMR6 Plot map