[Freebie Friday] Free Social Media Banners

Here are some free social media banners.  These can be used for quote images, sale announcements,  blog banners, instagram, facebook, website graphics or whatever else you like.

These are 1000×1000 in .jpg format so you can use them in Canva or any image editor if you don’t have photoshop.


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Piecing It Together

100×100 pixel icon textures were the first type of abstract art I tried. This set is cut from my recent art share, The 80s Threw Up. I added some paper texture to these for more depth.

I made icon textures for years before realizing that I did it as a form of meditation or therapy. My process is/was to take a larger artwork and crop it into uniform colored sets like this. I have way more than I’ll ever use, and I’m sorry that the 100×100 avatar/icon seems to be a dying art. I’ve decided to post these anyway because I’m using my “LJ” techniques to build a new style.

If  you have use for 100x100px textures, you can download the set below.



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