Weekend Coffeeshare: Living Computers and Maze-Brains.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you I’m thinking about about spending next year drafting the rest of my fox series. I would do first drafts of all the arcs (about 20-30k each) and then revise once it’s finished. This conversation with Hannah is an example of why I think this is a better strategy for the way my brain works. And an example of how I need to stop saying “actually” every other word.

Rose: I’ve been up since four. So far, Noah’s explained ominverse theories, dog food formulae, given me the history of the main villain race for the space foxes, done his chores and shopped for Christmas presents. I mistyped something as “hackpack” and I can’t figure out what I was talking about. Noah doesn’t have a backpack that I know of. Is he taking up hacking…?

Hannah: LOL
Rose: He could be a good little hacker with organic tech.
Hannah: Oooh…
Rose: There’s a theory about using plant matter to store volumes of data encoded in genetic memories.
Hannah: The fairies in Artemis Fowl yesterday were talking about that too. Although they were actually talking about whether or not they could store data in piles of poo and/or cigars.
Rose: I think it would be a lot safer stored in trees.
Hannah: LOL Yeah.
Rose: …it would actually make a lot of sense. The space foxes have organic tech, not electronics (I don’t know what Redi’s phone is actually made of…) Pete and Priam both have this Druid-wisdom thing that would make more sense if stuff was actually getting encoded in the forest since neither of them have much green energy, and Micah could’ve gotten involved in book smuggling by storing data that way too. (He’s probably got half of Synn’s knowledge base in his head if that’s the case.)
Hannah: Yeah.
Rose: Redi’s phone should be like…a wand with a big jewel on the end.
Hannah: LOL He’d like that.
Rose: OOooh, I know! He can have a whole set! (Note, they wouldn’t actually be magic or look like the sailor scouts’ wands, it was just a visual example.)

Hannah: Yeah
Rose: I am totally giving the navy sparkly wand communicators now.
Hannah: LOL
Rose: Tree-computers would explain why so many dumbasses keep trying to steal/harvest little trees. If most of the civilization’s knowledge is in the trees, and the big ones are sleeping, they’re probably trying to use the little ones as ciphers.
Hannah: *facepalm* Yeah
Rose: My subconscious must literally be some kind of a maze. It’s like, I spend years trying to figure out why everything we do ends up with child trafficking and bad guys using plant-children for unsavory activities. Then I’m like, “okay, nevermind the plants, just work on Diana’s orphanage thing… Wait, now I’ve got a villain who acts like they’ve been around since the dawn of time but the motivations don’t make any sense and I don’t have a background. There has to be something else going on. What is it? Okay, forget it, do a draft of a story about space foxes…OH, so it’s the same villain lost in time…okay, let’s randomly decide to write a blog for Noah since we can’t start anything else right now…*typos “hackpack”*…OH WELL THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD. I think I’m just going to need to write first drafts of the entire freaking series. “I can’t figure this out…must be time to write somebody else.”

And for your viewing pleasure.

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