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I’ve moved my premade book covers to a shop all of their own.  I’ll still be sharing WIP covers and showing off new ones here on the blog, but I wanted to make it easier for authors to buy and simpler for me to organize.  So from now on, if you’re looking for my covers, head over here:

Cover Devil: Unconventional Premade Covers for Indie Authors

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Technology and Civilization

Spent the last half hour trying to create a new Yahoo account to share public domain photos on Flickr.
Yahoo now requires a cell phone and “doesn’t support” landline phones. Other email providers I checked are heading the same way for new accounts.
I am regularly asked to text people photographs. No one says “Do you have a phone? Can your phone do this…?” anymore.
Cell phones are becoming a ubiquitous part of society, like “regular” phones have been for generations.
A prepaid cell can cost as little as $9.99
And yet, I consistently hear people grumbling about “the poor” having access to cell phone technology on the assumption that cell phones still cost hundreds of dollars.
“If you can afford a cell phone, you aren’t poor/don’t need help.”
Slowly but surely, we are creating a social order in which access to technology means access to civilization.
Think I’m exaggerating? Catastrophizing?
Science fiction has been predicting the future for a long time now…

Aeon Timeline Software Review


Aeon Timeline is a flexible timeline creation tool meant for writers and other creative thinkers.  I’ve tried a lot of programs for data management and timeline creation over the last 10 years, and Aeon is my favorite. It’s the first tool for writers that I’ve ever found with enough options and flexibility to suit my needs without being overwhelming.  This is a repost of my earlier review.  It will be here temporarily while I reorganize the site, then will move to the writing archive.

When I plan a story, I usually think in terms of overlapping events and character development arcs, or I think in terms of plot arcs where events aren’t always linear. Sometimes my plot arcs span long periods of time, especially if I have characters who lived for hundreds of years. It’s important for me to be able to keep track of what time of year things are happening, how much time is passing, etc. The weather, local holidays, and other factors related to the passage of time will affect how my scenes play out, and if I don’t have those details in place I will get confused and not realize that my characters are wearing shorts but it should be the middle of winter in their scene. Even in stories where the weather and things like that are relevant, it’s usually important to keep track of characters’ ages in relation to one another as time passes and which people are in each scene.toolbox-306888

In the past, I’ve had to use several different tools and do a lot of tedious calculating in order to make sure my details were organized properly and made sense. With Aeon, all I need to do is toggle a few settings and zoom in or out to see what I need. The program gives users the option of creating multiple “arcs” that function as timeline tracks. If you turn on the arc view, you can see the data split up and layered in each track. If you turn it off, you can view the same data as a standard linear timeline, and in both cases, there are content-specific filters you can apply if you want to narrow your focus.

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