Premade Cover: Scifi Flame

This is a premade ebook cover. Print version is available for additional cost.

My premade covers aren’t templates. Once you make this purchase, the design and all variants are retired. They’ll stay on my site, but won’t be sold to anyone else. I will also publish your finished covers (free advertising for your books.)


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[Art Share] Premade Book Cover WIP

This is a premade book cover design that I’ve been working on for a while.  I’m not entirely happy with the text, but I think I may be staring at it too much.

I can see this as a series with each cover having a different colored orb in the center.  Some sort of cosmic activity or magic energy field.

(The problem with making premade covers to sell is if I make covers I like I just want to write the book myself.)

Premade scifi book cover
Interested in this cover? Price will be $75 for ebook only; $140 for digital and print editions.  Email: rosebfischer1 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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The 80s Threw Up: Layers

Art journal:

Here’s a look at the unmanipulated layers from my last art share, The 80s Threw Up.
They look pretty basic, but it just took a few edits to turn them into something awesome.


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The 80s Threw Up

This is the first time I’ve tried to do any art since my grandpa died last month. It’s pure happenstance that it came together; the whole process was aimless and I kept realizing that I was doing exactly the opposite of what I meant to accomplish on the canvas.

It looks like the 80s threw up, but I like it.


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Art Share: Transformation


This is what I did with the fugly crap I posted last week.

For anyone new: Last week’s post was a set of reddish-brown /black images with some splatter and grunge on them.  They weren’t all that remarkable.  I worked with them a little and got some designs that totally reflect my style and helped me process what was going on with me emotionally.

I never tell people to “look for lessons” in their pain, but I can say without a doubt that if you walk through it, your own refusal to give up will bring transformation.

Art Share

So, I lost my mind last weekend.  Broke down crying (No reason.  All the reasons.) Couldn’t get my shit together all day.  Kept crying, screaming, what-have you.

These are some process-art I did while trying to get through that.

I suppose most of my friends would recommend written journaling but it doesn’t work for me in those situations and just causes more exhaustion/emotional distress rather than any kind of cathartic “healing” event like people say.

I’ll show you what I did with these in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve said before that my “art journaling” is more like a digital sketchbook charting the progress of things than what most people think of, which to me is “collaging” and doesn’t give me any sense of emotion.