Tell Your Story Here


Do you have a story to tell or a post you want to write but don’t want to share it on your own blog? is open to personal posts and essays on any topic.

Possible topics include:

  • Physical or psychological abuse
  • Mental health struggles
  • Family conflicts
  • Work conflicts
  • Cutting
  • Abortion stories
  • Date Horror Stories
  • Any other non-political topic that you are not comfortable sharing on your own space.


Guest posts go live on Sundays twice a month.

How this works:

Contact me.  Use the Contact Form, otherwise I may not see your email.

Subject Line: Tell your story

Let me know what you plan to post about and if you need to write under a pseudonym.  If you want to use a pseudonym, please choose one.

I will reply within 48 hours to discuss the topic and give you a green light.

Send me your finished post and I will schedule it here.


Absolutely NO political, religious, or anti-religious rants.  Stories of abuse by clergy, personal experiences with sexism, etc, are okay, but I don’t want propaganda.