killin itWhat my clients say:

Working with Rose is like inhaling a breath of fresh air! In a world that insists that there is only one “right” way, I cannot adequately express how absolutely WONDERFUL it has been to have someone help me reach my goals in a manner that works FOR ME. Her background brings to the table an open minded and open hearted approach that allowed her to listen to my struggles and push me to explore new types of solutions. I honestly now believe that my enterprise can and will grow exponentially without me having to lose myself in the process.– ~rose~ (Agapevisions Inc)

Agape Visions Inc.

“Rose helped me decide on a theme and color palette for my blog site. She was very helpful and well versed in the technical side of things. I would highly recommend her as a consultant.” –Brook Ruble

Brook Ruble

Rose has helped me gain an insight into reaching my ideal client and managing my time. As an author/blogger she is your go to gal for anything!–Mandy Halgreen

Mandy Halgreen

Rose has been a reliable, friendly and creative collaborator for a decade. Her talents at graphic making have enhanced several of my websites as well as provided backgrounds for book covers. I have a particular fondness for her sense of color. When it comes to storytelling, her approach brings engaging angles to work on universes, characters and narratives, springing helpful ways to fix issues and stir things into a stronger direction. Rose’s clear communication style and solid organizational skills add to the easiness of working with her.–Natacha Guyot

Natacha Guyot

Rose is great! She is welcoming and easy to speak with, as well as right on the money when it comes to giving feedback. I spent 30 minutes chatting with her to fine-tune my website (which I’m in the process of revamping), and Rose’s feedback has given me several practical steps I can take right now to improve my website without high costs or excessive amounts of time involved. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for useful, productive tips to improve their marketing online.–Michele Chiappetta

Michele Chiappetta

Rose B.Fischer helped me with some technical difficulties I had struggled with for a long time on my WordPress blog. She did it with amazing efficiency, speed and kindness. All three things are something that I value highly. She helped me with solving things no one else had been able to help me with so far. She is really good at making this simple and understandable. I highly recommend using her help.”–Ida P. Pahus

Ida P. Pahus

Rose graciously gave her time to assist me as I am still a newbie entrepreneur who has been intimidated by the tech world. She helped me identify what problem my business is here to solve so that I am not just looking for followers, but I am actually offering them value. She gave me a clear understanding of how to narrow in and determine the social media platforms that will best serve my business. I was pleased with her expertise as well as her kindness and look forward to working with her again in the future.–Amanda Foust

Amanda Foust

I had a consultation with Rose B Fisher and found her to be very helpful. Nothing was too much trouble and she gave excellent value during our time in the consultation. I needed some guidance on my passive income e-book, and Rose B Fisher helped me tremendously to get clear direction on how to approach writing it, and even showed me very helpful examples of what I needed to do. She definitely has helped me to move forward in writing my e-book and I look forward to working with her in the near future. I would highly recommend her services, you’ll find that nothing is too much trouble and she is a lovely, friendly person to talk to.–Jane Jones

Jane Jones



Referring to the How To Promote Your Book Without Being Annoying Challenge (Now included in Find Your Raving Fans)

Firstly I need to say THANK YOU Rose!!! Because I have learnt so much from this course and [saw] where I need to make changes and work in things I did not know about! I am going to be working hard to do all of these things for my upcoming launch. Once again thanks Rose!–Mandy Halgreen

Mandy Halgreen

I feel that I have a much clearer plan in front of me. I also feel very confident in my promo page.–Heidi Cooper

Heidi Cooper

This challenge was great! …I love all the ideas you shared with us and will be continuing to apply them, so I feel I got a lot out of it all. It’s definitely inspired me to keep working on perfecting my promotion skills.–Michele Chiappetta

Michelle Chiappetta

For Graphic Design

“Rose’s designs are classy, fashionable, and varied. I find them inspiring and easy to work with, and enjoy the touch of magic they bring to my online presence.”–J. Haley Phillips